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Maharashtra Travel Guidelines and Rules You Must Know [2021]

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Do you wish to travel to Maharashtra? Are you aware of travel guidelines in Maharashtra? Yet to check updates regarding Maharashtra quarantine rules? Want to know about Maharashtra travel guidelines and rules?

Here we have got all the updates. This blog will help you get better insights into Maharashtra travel guidelines.

The Maharashtra government has declared five levels of restrictions based on the number of positive cases and percentage of oxygen bed occupancy across administrative units in the state, with level five being the most restrictive. Different forms of activities have been approved at each stage.

Travelers to Maharashtra, or those planning to visit the state, should be aware of the Maharashtra travel rules and regulations. The government has made a negative RT-PCR report essential for passengers traveling from other states.

As per Maharashtra travel guidelines, limits will be lifted soon, and an order will be issued accordingly.

Quarantine rules in Pune and Maharashtra:

  1. Undiagnosed travelers will not be subjected to hand stamping or quarantine.
  2. If tested positive, a 14-day mandatory home quarantine should be observed.
  3. The quarantine will be waived for passengers leaving the state within seven days of their arrival.

Responsibilities of the state on the airport:

  1. Upon arrival, a thermal screening is performed.
  2. Each passenger’s flight number, arrival time, residential address, and mobile number must be shared with the Nodal office.

If you wish to know the most recent inter-district travel regulations or Maharashtra travel guidelines by road, below are some:

  1. Inter-district travel is now permitted without the use of an e-pass for levels 1 to 4.
  2. If there is any stoppage in, to, and from movement, as well as passing through, is only permitted with an e-pass in locations classified as level 5. This is only permitted in medical crises or for those performing critical functions.
  3. If passengers in a private vehicle are traveling to or passing through a destination in the level 5 category with a stop, an e-pass remains a mandatory requirement for inter-district transit.
  4. Citizens of Maharashtra can currently only travel outside their districts for limited emergency reasons, such as acute medical emergencies, death, marriage, and so on.

What’s New Normal Travel? How has the pandemic affected?

For all those who have queries regarding e-pass, below is the procedure for applying for an e-pass:

Every police jurisdiction has established dedicated processing units for applications. The application must be submitted online at, after which it will be forwarded to the local police jurisdiction for processing.

You must provide valid evidence, for example, you have to provide a medical certificate, wedding card, medical report for those traveling for medical crises, death certificate, or a document for other emergencies at the time of application.

It is said that they are working to clear applications as soon as possible, or at least one day before the trip. So, you must plan your trip accordingly and submit the required documents before it’s too late.

Approval for e-pass is subject to conditions. Reasons include invalid or inadequate documents attached, no medical certificate attached, the excess number of co-passengers than the prescribed maximum as per government standards, incomplete form at the time of application, and no photo or unclear photo attached.

For more details on the latest Maharashtra travel guidelines and quarantine rules in Pune, check here. Planning a trip? Contact us on +91 8779115655 or write to us at


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