Cost: ₹1999/-


  • Domestic trips and weekend getaways
  • Offer 30% Off on any 1 domestic trip in a lifetime with Abeonaz
  • 5% Off on all trips in a lifetime with Abeonaz
  • 30% Off on any two weekend getaways
  • 5% Off on all weekend getaways
  • Validity – Lifetime
  • Can be transferred
  • Can be gifted

Terms & Conditions:

  • Minimum trip days – 3 for domestic
  • Maximum trip days – 2 for weekend getaway
  • The voucher cannot be transferred or gifted once used.
  • The voucher can be transferred only once.
  • Only the assigned person can avail the offer
  • Offer only on the packages (bearing all costs)
  • Travelling charges are not included (Train tickets, bus fare, Flight tickets, Cabs, taxis, Cruise)
  • Exclusions in the package are not considered for the voucher
  • For multiple voucher holders in a group only 5% validity can be availed for both domestic and weekend travels
  • Offers for both Weekend Getaways and Domestic trip cannot be availed together.

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