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Browser cookies UNREVEALED – How to avoid price hike?

Browser cookies UNREVEALED – How to avoid price hike?

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Are you aware of the term browser cookies? Do you know that clearing your browser cookies can make a huge difference for you?

While browsing on the internet we come across warnings to accept browsing cookies from the website. According to the EU law in 2011, websites have to make the users aware of the fact that they are using cookies (thankfully). 

Now the next question arises:

What are cookies for?

Have you ever wondered how usernames and passwords are suggested automatically whenever you visit a website for the second time?

Yes, you thought that right, it is because of cookies. Browser cookies allow websites to remember you. These cookies keep track of your logins, your shopping carts, the places you are interested in, your frequently used modes of transport, and much more.

So by now, you must be thinking that it’s a good feature and helps to create a user-friendly experience on any website. That’s not all!


browser cookies
browser cookies

As we all know, every coin has two sides, the same is the case with browser cookies.

While booking tickets for our next flight or looking for the best hotel deals for our next trip, we tend to check the website twice or thrice to get the best deals out of them at a low cost. Usually, the results are not found as was expected! We are most likely to find a hike in the price.

Using these browser cookies, websites come to know about our interest and maybe a priority too, which in turn leads to a hike in the cost of the product or service you are looking for. 

Let us understand this with an example-

Here’s a website XYZ that provides a taxi service. You plan to go outstation using their service. To have an idea of the expense, you put the details like pick-up and drop-off points. 

You get to see, say 300 INR as the charge. 

Now, at the time of departure, you go for booking the taxi and now it shows 320 for the same route and car type. Yeah, it may be due to traffic and peak time as well. But, your previous surf is also one of the contributors. 

Now the question arises if browser cookies lead to the hike in rates, can’t we just avoid cookies?

Here are Tips to avoid price hikes-

Although we can’t completely avoid the usage of browser cookies, we can act smartly.

  • We can look for privacy and security options in our browser and do clear our cookies on a timely basis, to avoid tracking our interests
  • Don’t simply fill in your personal details on a random website. Look out for trusted websites and their privacy policies to know what all they can access from your device.

Hope it was helpful. Thanks for reading! 

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