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Five Lessons to find a Right Travel Partner

Five Lessons to find a Right Travel Partner

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So, you are a person who is enthusiastic to travel unknown places and enjoy the serenity to the fullest, isn’t it? Well, the only thing you might be worried about is the Right Travel Partner, aren’t you?

Travelling destinations are fun to be experienced alone, but when you have a partner who could be more fun and encouraging to explore places to the fullest, then it becomes a Cherry on the Cake experience to you! The catch is, a Right Travel Partner can be anyone.

Either he or she will be a complete stranger to you or a friend whom you know since your childhood. Either that person might be too elder to you or much younger than you. In short, you never know who will be the one Made in Heaven for you!

5 important things that you should consider while choosing the Chosen One for you- 

Be on the Same Page and Age, Always!

First of all, your partner must be willing to come where you want to go! It will be much fun when you have a common destination to explore. This will bring about more zest and a sense of satisfaction than anything you can imagine of. The second most important thing is to consider a minimal Age difference between you and your partner.

It shouldn’t happen that you and your partner have a generation gap in between! Even if it happens to be, communication between you and your partner must not make you feel lonely during your travel time. Tentatively, an Age gap of 5-10 years is quite acceptable.

Understand the Opinions and Interests of Your Partner

When you have a stranger with you as your companion, it becomes quite difficult to analyze the dos and don’ts of that person. Eventually, only the time and things that happen with you will make you realize the same. However, when it comes to the person you know very well for a long period of time, the question remains the same! Travelling always brings out a different person in you and the same goes with your partner!

Plan your journey as per the convenience of you and your partner, have good consideration for your opinion as well as your partner’s and see to it that there are minimum or zero differences of opinions between you and your partner.

Let Your Vibrations Resonate With Your Partner!

You might be a person who wants to remain active throughout the trip or a person who would like to sit back and explore at a relatively slow pace. See to it that your partner does the same or almost be similar to your pace! Energy levels play a vital role here.

It shouldn’t happen that you and your partner start taking things in your hands and spoil the vibes that were created, tailor-made for you.

Get Ready For the Worse

Travelling always brings about a huge amount of uncertainties and risks along with it. Right from waiting for painstakingly long hours due to delays of flights, trains or buses and missing your deadlines of visiting certain places to having problems with your accommodations and the estimated budget you had, it becomes important to not lose your cool and tackle problems without panicking.

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A partner who analyzes the situation and acts accordingly always proves to be a handy person in the need. If your partner is creating more problems out of the blue, see to it that you have an upper hand over the situation. If not, having a contact number of someone useful in that situation will save you from embarrassment! Always be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Health is Wealth and Honesty is the Best Policy

Travelling sometimes does become a cause of fatigue and other unwanted illness since a lot of energy is consumed by your body and your mind. When you are allergic to some ailments or you have motion sickness problems, your moments won’t take a second to turn into a nightmare.

Hence it becomes important to have special precautions for you and your partner to have before you start your journey or during the journey. Also, being honest about the mindset and your health problems do help a lot in solving critical problems fast, since you might land in places where basic facilities and amenities are quite scarce to find. Plus, prevention is always better than cure!

Never forget to record, capture and cherish the moments that you will create along with your Right Travel Partner. Happy travelling!

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