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When will Travelling be SAFE again?

When will Travelling be SAFE again?

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The year 2020 has been the worst nightmare for many. The way it has spread the shockwave across the world is quite intimidating. Travelling is one of the most affected areas of our lives. Isn’t it?  Ever since the lockdowns were imposed in many countries, it became difficult to even get out of our houses. The risks and hazards have increased manifold.

The travel and Tourism Industry, on the other hand, has suffered a huge loss and is still going through such a terrible phase that it never really witnessed till the year started. This is the first time that the Tourism industry has come to a standstill ever since its inception. People who were dependent on this industry have either lost their jobs or are on the verge of losing one.

This pandemic has really taken a toll on many. In these adverse circumstances, the question arises; when can travelling be actually safe? To be frank we cannot say exactly when this pandemic will diminish. Also, it is even more difficult to say whether travelling might actually be the way it used to be before.

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However, certain aspects like hygiene, having proper immunity, checking out our health before getting down in a place will be given due consideration.

Once the pandemic wave ceases, to resume our usual vacations and trips to new places, there would be new and strict rules drafted. These might include thorough checking before entering places, mandatory quarantine for a fixed number of days with certain dependencies, and mandatory use of safety elements like a mask, hand sanitisers, gloves, etc.

There might even be restrictions and prohibitions of basic things that we previously found as promotion of goodwill like shaking hands, hugging each other, etc. depending on the atmosphere of the surrounding, which we intend to visit. Even the social distancing norms that we are following might remain applicable.

Will these factors affect our travelling? Yes, absolutely. However, this will not remove the eagerness and jest that travelling brings into our life. Getting to visit an unexplored place will remain an adventurous and unique experience for us. You never really know what lies soon. 

Here are some basic travel safety tips that might come in handy before you go out in the wild:

  • Check for the places that are least affected by the pandemic
  • Book your trips with agencies that promise a full refund in case the trip gets cancelled due to such unforeseen incidents
  • Take extra precautions if you are willing to visit places that are worst affected by the pandemic.
  • Avoid places wherein you are bound to be in quarantine.
  • Travel only if the situation allows you to do so. Your life is invaluable and adventures can also happen in the future. 

Remember there is always a way out of every adverse circumstance. It depends on how willing we are to fight against it and being optimistic about the situation. Stay safe and have goodwill for a better future.

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Suffer Nahi. Safar Karo!


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