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What is Abeonaz Elite?

Abeonaz Elite membership is a travel membership plan, offering best offers on holiday plans, solo trips, weekend getaways, and much more.

Elite membership comes up with three basic plans – AURUM, ARGENTI, and PLATINUM. Abeonaz has launched its subscription based travel membership plan to cut travel costs. Elite was launched during the COVID-19 era when the tourism industry was brought to a standstill. Hence, we at Abeonaz, brought up this intuitive once in a lifetime investment plan for our fellow travelers. This will allow you to book trips at minimal cost with Abeonaz.

Adhering to our Tagline – ‘Suffer Nahi, Safar Karo’, let yourself be an elite traveler and be an elite member for Abeonaz Travels.

How to join Elite membership?

Now enjoy affordable and pocket friendly trips with Abeonaz all over India. If you are looking for the right travel membership plan with better offers, you have come to the right place. Give us a call at +91 8779115655 or ping us on our social media – Instagram or Facebook.

You can also request a call back by entering your contact details below. Upon receiving your information, our representative will contact you soon.


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RS.1999 Only*

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Elite Membership FAQs

Abeonaz Elite is a travel membership plan. Upon subscription, travelers AKA elite members get instant discounts and offers on their trips in India.

Argenti Plan covers only weekend getaways. 30% off on any 1 weekend getaway (of your choice) with Abeonaz. 5% off on all other weekend getaways. Validity is 1 Year from the date of first avail. Price is INR 499/- only.

Aurum Plan covers only domestic trips. 30% off on any 1 domestic trip (of your choice) with Abeonaz. 5% off on all other trips with Abeonaz. Lifetime validity. Price is INR 1499/- only.

Platinum Plan is an amalgamation of both Aurum and Argenti. Platinum covers both domestic trips and weekend getaways. Offer 30% Off on any 1 domestic trip (of your choice) with Abeonaz. 5% Off on all other trips with Abeonaz. 30% Off on any two weekend getaways (of your choice) and 5% Off on all other weekend getaways. Lifetime validity. Price is INR 1999/- only.